This product range includes the highest quality stick tools on the market, which are sold under the name “Xposer”.

Longevity, robustness, a high degree of safety and above all flexibility, characterize this tool series.

“Xposer” is available for almost all horizontal grinding machines with planetary gear on the market.

The advantages in terms of functionality/safety and cost/sustainability are briefly summarized here:




Xposer is available for almost all horizontal grinding machines with planetary gear on the market.

> Husqvarna
> Blastrac
> Diamatic
> Schwamborn
> Scanmaskin
> Lavina



Three clear graded versions

guarantee an optimal adaptation to the respective application or the desired milling pattern.

green = rough 

orange = medium 

yellow = fine 

Optimized roll diameter

provides sufficient ground clearance

Clevis foot thread M8

  • Stable and secure connection between milling head and holder plate
  • Minimization of the risk of milling heads shearing off
  • Minimizing the risk of twisting / damaging screw heads during
  • assembly/dismantling

Possibility of using machine-specific quick change systems (HTC, Lavina)

*Example HTC

Costs / Sustainability

The technical improvement of the Xposer series significantly extends the life of the drive and sealing elements. Often these parts are still fully functional even after the milling arbor is completely worn out. The housing of the milling head can be used several times, provided that there is no external damage that makes its use impossible.

Wibec and partners authorized by Wibec offer the repair of milling heads as a service. Only the parts that need to be replaced are exchanged.
This makes the “Sticking” procedure much more economical, as the tool-related project costs can be reduced considerably. For the user, this means cost savings that can lead to very clear competitive advantages over other processes.

Wibec sees the possibility of Xposer tool repair as a central point within the framework of the basic value of sustainability that we live and demand.


Examples of application


Remove floor/road markings with the Xposer System.