Milling tools for scarfiers

Wibec milling tools are characterized by highest and constant quality.

Besides high-quality and homogeneous base material, safe soldering and hardening processes are the essential parameters.

Wibec milling tools offer long tool life and thus provide the user with time and cost advantages.

Cutters and drums are available for almost all machines on the market.

Milling tools for scarifiers

Star cutters

applications: Roughening, milling, levelling and grooving of concrete, stone and asphalt surfaces, removal of old coatings, removal of edges and elevations

Milling cutters

applications: Removal of various coatings (thermoplastic, epoxy etc.) and markings on asphalt and concrete, removal of edges and elevations

Beam flails

applications: Removal of rust, scale, grease, dirt and thin layers of paint