Wibec EZ toolholders are manufactured entirely in Germany.

The holder block is produced using an aluminium die-casting process. The proprietary tool is manufactured with high precision in terms of dimensions and tolerances. This ensures a secure hold of the grinding shoe. However, this is also very much dependent on the accuracy of the grinding shoe. Wibec has no influence on this and great differences can be seen in the market.

The material is a high-strength aluminium composite. This makes the holder block extremely wear-resistant, which has a positive effect on dimensional accuracy. The secure hold of the shoe is thus guaranteed for as long as possible.

The holder block is riveted to the basic plate. This creates a connection that can only be loosened by destruction. Extremely high shearing forces and vibrations are sometimes unavoidable in the grinding process. To prevent the Holder block from shearing off, the riveting process offers the greatest possible safety.

Wibec also offers the Holder block as a separate wearing part. In this case, the assembly and the selection of the assembly method (bolting/riveting) is the responsibility of the customer and is carried out at the customer’s own risk. Wibec expressly recommends riveting!