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Wibec is a manufacturer of wear tools used on various construction machines for surface treatment of concrete, screed and asphalt. Machines and machine parts complete the spectrum for this area.

Wibec products are also used in other industries outside the construction sector.
The development of special solutions and consulting services are also part of the range of services.

The individual enterprise is led by Steffen Widemann, who is active in this industry for over 22 years. This time is mainly characterized by

  • a trusting and personal relationship with business partners
  • the development of a global network with customers, suppliers, external service providers in    construction, manufacturing, measuring and testing
  • several innovations in tools and machines
  • the obtaining of patents
The high value placed on in-house developments and close customer contact results in a high level of expertise and know-how in production and application technology.




Independence means, being able to make decisions quickly and independently.
As an individual company, I strive for a high degree of freedom of decision and action in all activities. Sensible diversification contributes to independence from economic fluctuations in individual industries or markets. For me, independence also means, that key technologies are mastered down to the last detail, as far as possible in a sensible and useful way.


The owner Steffen Widemann cultivates long-term, close cooperation with customers and business partners, in some cases over more than 22 years. This is characterized by mutual respect, fairness and trust.

Wibec attaches great importance to react quickly and flexibly to the wishes of its customers and to put them into practice with the help of innovative technologies. The highest quality standards apply. a close customer relationship and the high value of customer benefit are the focus of attention.

Wibec offers customized products and services with real added value and benefit. The following always applies: Only when customers and business partners are satisfied, can we be satisfied too. This attitude is the basis for the desired long-term, continuous growth.

Innovative strength

Wibec stands for great innovative power and successful idea management, for technological progress in the interest of our customers.  To make new products with a high utility value available as quickly as possible, that is what Wibec strives for. Obtaining industrial property rights to secure mutual success plays a central role in this.

Quality awareness

Our products and services must deliver what the name Wibec promises: top quality and a measurable contribution to our customers’ success. This has top priority. We promote quality awareness and demand it – not only from us, but also from our partner companies.


As an active company, we bear a great responsibility towards society and the environment. we are convinced, that we can only be successful in the long term, if we always take this into account in our actions.

The protection of people and the environment is of particular importance in our business activities. For our products and their manufacture, this means that they must be safe, efficient and environmentally compatible. In order to meet this responsibility, Wibec also explicitly emphasizes the use of personal protective equipment when using our tools and machines.